Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cucumber Crackers

Cucumber crackers with tuna salad
My favorite gluten free crackers
Blue Diamond Nut Thins, any flavor
Glutino Crackers, original flavor
Cucumber slices

Seriously, cucumber slices.

We have a ton of cucumbers in our garden so we've been eating a lot of cucumber "crackers".  They make great appetizers and snacks but are good for lunch too.  I even take them to school.  I use a bento box and I put the cucumber slices in one container and the toppings in another.  Then I assemble them as I eat them. 

Small cucumbers work best. They are tender, don't have a lot of seeds and are bite size so you can pop the entire cracker in your mouth without making a mess.  We have pickling cucumbers in our garden and I like the ones that are, well... pickle size!  Baby English cucumbers from the grocery store are good, too.

There's no recipe for this.  All you need is a cucumber or 3 and something to put on top.  Wash the cukes well and slice them about 1/4" thick.   Add a dollop of your favorite topping.  Enjoy!

Some of my favorite toppings, in no particular order:
Tuna salad (I made mine with celery, red bell pepper and mayo.)
Chicken, shrimp or crab salad
Potato, rice or quinoa salad, just make sure everything is chopped small, so it fits on your cracker.
Smoked salmon spread
Baba Ghanoush
Olive tapenade
BLT dip (Crumble some crisp cooked bacon, add some finely chopped lettuce and tomato, stir in equal parts mayo and plain Greek yogurt or sour cream.)

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