Saturday, September 17, 2011

Riding lessons

I love horseback riding and I've been taking lessons for as long as I can remember.  This is Penny. She's a good horse and doesn't spook easily, which is good, since Veronica likes to ride with me.  I would feel awful if Veronica fell off or got kicked. But Penny is always careful when my chipmunk friends are around.

I've been thinking about teaching Veronica how to ride by herself but I don't think she would be serious about learning.  Whenever she rides with me, she's always hopping around and playing.  I'm not sure what she's doing back there but she's obviously up to no good! I bet she would make a good circus horseback riding chipmunk!  But I haven't learned how to ride like that yet so I can't teach her.  Maybe someday we will learn and then we can join the circus and be trick riders!  That would be awesome!

Do you want to see what happened today when we went for a ride?  Here, take a look at Me and Veronica and Penny.

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