Monday, October 3, 2011

La Tortilla Factory Gluten Free Wraps

Ma went on vacation to visit her sister.  She left me at home with Dad.  I was kind of sad that I couldn't go along, but someone has to take care of Dad... and Veronica!  And staying home has it's perks. Ma comes home with gifts! And this time, she brought home Kirsten!  I am so excited! Kirsten!

But Ma brought home something even better than an American Girl doll!  OK, nothing's better than a new American Girl doll but this is pretty close.  She brought some La Tortilla Factory Gluten Free Wraps. Seriously, wraps!

I miss wheat tortillas. I like corn tortillas but they just don't work for sandwich wraps and burritos and the majority of GF rice tortillas suck.   Yeah, I said it.  They suck.  Most of them are like wrapping your sandwich fixens in a birthday card.  In fact, I think I would rather eat a birthday card because those actually have good wishes in them and I'm pretty sure rice wraps just don't care!  Yeah, sure, they are all soft and chewy just after you steam them but wait a minute, seriously, a minute and they will turn hard and dry and uncaring.

But La Tortilla Factory made a GF wrap that I actually like. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you they are as good as wheat tortillas because they're not.  But in the GF category, they are really good.  Warm them in the microwave for about 30 seconds (or on the stove or in a steamer) and fill them with your favorite fixens.  It stays soft and flexible with a nice texture from the first bite to the last.  The ultimate test is yet to come.  I'm going to try packing a wrap in my lunch box tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck!

~Edited to add:
So, I made a wrap before I went to bed.  Packed it full of ham and cheese and lettuce and  homemade refrigerator pickles, wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge overnight.  In the morning, I tossed it in my lunch box with some Cheetos and an apple and a bottle of water and it was delicious!  It would have been better if I warmed it up in the microwave for a couple seconds but it was so good that I'll be making another one for tomorrow!

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