Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chipmunks gotta eat too.

I like peanuts.  Especially peanuts in the shell.  Which I think is part of the reason I like the Texas Roadhouse so much.  They always have buckets of peanuts on the table so I have something to snack on while everyone else eats the bread. I also like the steak and the loaded sweet potatoes with the toasty marshmallows on top.  But the peanuts are the best part because 1) they are salted and we always have unsalted peanuts at home and 2) I can eat them inside. Inside. 
At home, I can't eat peanuts in the shell in the house.  I have to eat them outside since Dad says they are too messy.  I don't see what difference it makes.  Vacuuming is my job so if I make a mess, I'll be the one cleaning it up next Friday when it's vacuuming day.

So I eat my peanuts in the shell outside and the only problem with eating them outside is the chipmunks.  The chipmunks are outside and they like peanuts too!  So I end up sharing my peanuts with them. 

But they don't always eat them.  In fact, they rarely eat them.  They just pack them into their cheeks and take them home and then come running back, looking for more!   But I guess chipmunks gotta eat too  and besides, they are just so darn cute!
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