Friday, July 1, 2011

Greetings and salutations!

HI!  My name is Pippa but everyone calls me Squeak.  Welcome to my blog!  I decided to start this as a way to keep track of my favorite recipes.  You see, I'm gluten and lactose intolerant and I have to be crazy careful about what I eat.  I don't worry too much about lactose, I can eat hard cheese and yogurt and they make a pill if I want to eat ice cream or anything else.  But gluten is a whole nother story! I can't have anything made with wheat, rye or barley and sometimes it seems like those things are in everything!  Eating in a restaurant or with my friends is really tough.   I have to ask lots of questions and read lots of labels.  Sometimes it's just easier to say, "No thank you"  because if I accidentally eat something with gluten, even a tiny bit, it makes me sick and sometimes I feel sick for days.  Yeah, it pretty much stinks!

So I'm learning to cook because if I cook it myself, I can eat anything I want!  Sometimes my friends stop by and we cook together.  We have lots of fun and they are learning what I can and can't eat and I'm learning what they eat and don't eat.  Anyway, that's enough rambling for today.  Talk to you soon!

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