Friday, July 15, 2011

Friends, dolls and weeds

I'm saving my money because I want to buy an American Girl doll so I can play with my friends Lanie and Lani and their dolls.  I haven't decided which one I want yet.  They have dolls that look just like them but I don't think I can find one that looks just like me!  I'm thinking I might like Kirsten, since my ancestors were pioneer farmers, just like she is!
Lani with her doll, Palila and Lanie with her doll, Wren
 So I'm spending my summer doing odd jobs around the house and for the neighbors.  One of my jobs is pulling weeds and boy are there lots of them!  It seems like I barely finish weeding all the gardens and I have to start all over again!  But I don't mind.  I get to be outside and that's the best place to be in the summer.

So while I was working today I made a new friend!  Well, actually, I met her before but  but now we've been formally introduced.  Say hello to my new friend, I think you will like her as much as I do!
 Click here to>  Say hello to my new friend.

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